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Magnetic Mesh

Magnetic Mesh are special window screens that are made for easy installation on your windows, doesn’t require any tool/ instrument to install it. It has a magnet border around the screen that will stick to your any existing windows. Magnetic Mesh can be easily removed, washed and re-fixed. It is made-up of fiber glass which allows maximum air ventilation.

  • Fly Screen -All Safeguard Net® systems use imported fiber glass mesh
  • Mesh Color -Gray & Black
  • PVC Strip Color -White, Black, Wooden (width: 16mm)
  • Easy to operate -The magnetic strip fixing of the screen help to easily fixing and removing of the screen.
  • Fixing -It can be fixed easily on existing windows.
  • Fly Screen Ideal for -Home/ Commercial and is custom made to your measurements.
  • Time required for assembly -25 min.
  • Area required for installation -20mm

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